Summertime Sadness– er, Plumbing Problems!

OK, maybe we don’t need to have a Lana Del Rey song in our title, but it just stuck out! Anyways! Most folks might not realize it but the change of the seasons from Spring to Summer bring just as many potential complications as the freezing temperatures of winter. This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog we’re going over some of the unexpected summertime plumbing problems that you can keep an eye out, for now, to save yourself a world of hurt later!

Garbage Disposal Abuse

The summer typically comes with a few more things: flexible schedules, more parties, get-togethers, barbecues, or just more people. Because of all of that there’s bound to be an uptick in food, both preparing and enjoying! Make sure that your garbage disposal is being treated right, and that you or any of your quests aren’t putting anything down the drain that could clog it, or harm the disposal unit.

Remember, the only things that should be going into your disposal are biodegradable – and even then remember to avoid:

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Egg Shells
  • Bones
  • Celery
  • Pumkpin
  • Squash
  • Fruit Pits
  • Peels and Skins

But sinks aren’t the only things in danger of clogging…

Clogged Toilets

Summer break and vacations means people are home a lot more during the day, and with the potential for pool parties, barbecues, and a get togethers, your toilets are going to be used much more frequently than normal. With all that extra use comes more wear and tear and risk for disaster. If you are a family with children the first thing to do is be sure to teach your children proper bathroom etiquette. What belongs down the toilet (toilet paper) what doesn’t (everything else!) and how much is ok to use. When it comes to guests it’s not nearly as simple as teaching them the right way to do things, could you imagine? “Hey Bob, let me show you something about the bathroom!” No, it’s decidedly better to follow best practices for your toilet ahead of time and after to ensure no clogs are developing. Clear your drains, perform any needed maintenance promptly, replace faulty parts as needed, and your toilet drains should be able to stay functioning this summer.

But always keep a plunger nearby!

Heat Makes Stink

This problem could crop up throughout your house wherever the plumbing fixtures are, including the bathroom and kitchen. The summer heat can really turn up the stench factor of drains if they’re not clear and draining properly. Avoid that by making sure nothing goes down the drains that shouldn’t and that your seals are all replaced as needed!

Sprinkler Sadness

No matter the time of year, our sprinklers get a lot of work in – if your yard isn’t xeriscaped or using local low water usage plants. During the summer you may find you need to mow more frequently as the grass shoots up, and the potential for kids to play in the yards more often may increase the risk of damage to the sprinkler heads. If your sprinklers are damaged, make sure to replace them quick before the heat has the chance to kill off your yard or you accidentally flood one spot when the sprinklers are set to run.

Pool Problems

While pools might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we’re talking plumbing troubles, it bears mentioning here! Pools are going to use up a lot of water this summer and get a lot of good use! Make sure you’re performing all the proper maintenance on your pool so you don’t have any clogs in your skimmer lines, or bust a pump. Any of that and you’ll have a problem with 

We’ll leave it there for now. Summers are a very … particular time here in Arizona, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em, having to deal with any plumbing issues won’t put you in any better mood with the heat.

Notice any problems that need attention right now? Call Economy Plumbing Services today!

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