How to Find a Plumber

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A pipe busts and all the sudden your floor is flooded. Now you need to get this fixed and fast!

Finding reputable, trustworthy help can be difficult, doubly so when it needs to happen quick, we get that. Who can you trust to come into your home and get the job done right at the right cost?

How to Find a Plumber You Can Trust

If it helps you can break down plumbers into two groups: a plumber who handles basic repairs and a plumber who specializes in full on remodeling, construction, and addition projects. We’re just going to look at the everyday plumber for now, as this is the help you’re most likely going to need.

The Everyday Plumber

For just about everything you might need under the sun – the everyday plumber is the guy for you. They handle drips, drains, clogs, leaks, new appliance installs, and anything else you can imagine.

If you can, hire a plumber for a smaller nonemergency job before disaster strikes so you can A) get a good feel for them and B) have ‘a guy’ ready to help when emergencies crop up.

To find and select a plumber, look for proof of license, as just about every state requires plumbers to be licensed to perform the work. These will have a number that you can call to verify that yes the license is real and current and there aren’t any ongoing complaints against the license holder. Look for them to be insured as well.

Often the best way to find a plumber, and any other sort of service, is to look for reviews and ask around. Friends and family can give you their recommendations, neighbors can also point you in the direction of someone who definitely works in your nieghborhood. A surprising resource is real estate agents! Real estate agents have to have plumbers on speed dial to get issues fixed before a sale goes through, so any real estate agent in your life might be a serious resource in this pursuit.

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