The Science of Water Pressure

If you’ve ever turned on a faucet, taken a shower, or flushed a toilet, you’ve experienced the magic of water pressure in action. Wondering how it all works? Understanding the science of water pressure is essential for maintaining a smooth-running plumbing system in your home. Well, sit down at your desk, take out a notebook … Continue reading “The Science of Water Pressure”

The Dangers of DIY Plumbing – Some Jobs Are Best Left to the Pros

We have seen our fair share of DIY plumbing projects gone wrong. While tackling small household repairs can be tempting, it’s important to understand that not all plumbing jobs are suitable for DIY enthusiasts. In fact, attempting complex plumbing tasks without proper knowledge and tools can result in costly mistakes and, even worse, danger. Let’s … Continue reading “The Dangers of DIY Plumbing – Some Jobs Are Best Left to the Pros”

Green Plumbing Solutions: Eco-Friendly Ways to Save

As professional plumbers operating in the beautiful state of Arizona, we are passionate about providing not only efficient plumbing services but also promoting eco-friendly solutions that can help save water and energy. This is a huge importance for us here in Arizona. With the increasing global focus on sustainability and environmental conservation, it is important … Continue reading “Green Plumbing Solutions: Eco-Friendly Ways to Save”

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? Debunking Common Myths

Clean and safe drinking water is essential for our health and well-being. It’s a basic necessity that we rely on every day for cooking, drinking, and other household activities. However, there is often confusion and misinformation about the safety of tap water. In this blog, we will debunk common myths and provide a comprehensive understanding … Continue reading “Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? Debunking Common Myths”

Top Toilet Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

As a homeowner, toilet maintenance is an essential part of keeping your bathroom running smoothly. Regular upkeep can help prevent costly repairs, extend the lifespan of your toilet, and maintain proper hygiene in your home. While some plumbing issues may require professional assistance, there are several simple toilet maintenance tasks you can do yourself. In … Continue reading “Top Toilet Maintenance Tips for Homeowners”

Essential Water Heater Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Your water heater is a crucial appliance that provides hot water for all sorts of household activities, from showers to dishwashing and laundry. To ensure its efficient operation and extend its lifespan, regular water heater maintenance is essential. While some maintenance tasks may require professional assistance, there are several simple steps homeowners can take to … Continue reading “Essential Water Heater Maintenance Tips for Homeowners”

Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

A clogged toilet is a frustrating problem that can occur from time to time, but when it happens repeatedly, it can be a cause for concern. This time on the Economy Plumbing Service blog, we’re going to look at the most common causes for a clogged toilet and what you can do. There are several … Continue reading “Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?”

How Does Drano Work? And Why That’s a Problem

Drano is a household cleaning product that has been used for decades to unclog drains and pipes. It is known for its ability to dissolve hair, soap scum, grease, and other materials that can accumulate in pipes, causing blockages. While Drano can be effective at removing clogs, it is also a harsh chemical that can … Continue reading “How Does Drano Work? And Why That’s a Problem”

Clean Out Drains – An EPS How To

Cleaning out drains is a crucial part of maintaining your home’s plumbing system. Over time, hair, soap residue, and other debris can accumulate in your drains, causing them to become slow or even completely clogged. Fortunately, there are several methods that you can use to clean out your drains and keep them in good working … Continue reading “Clean Out Drains – An EPS How To”

How to Reduce Water Usage – 10 Different Ways to Save

Water is an essential resource that is becoming increasingly scarce in many parts of the world. Reducing water usage in your home not only helps to conserve this valuable resource but can also save you money on your water bill. In this blog, we will discuss some practical ways to reduce water usage in your … Continue reading “How to Reduce Water Usage – 10 Different Ways to Save”

How to Clean Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

This time on the EPS blog, we’re going to do something a liiiittle bit different. You see we talk all the time about how to fix fixtures, how we can repipe a home in under a weekend, that sort of stuff. But like so many things, when it comes to plumbing an ounce of prevention … Continue reading “How to Clean Chrome Bathroom Fixtures”

Why Does My Water Smell?

Few things are as much of a jolt as smelling strange water coming from your tap. It can be alarming and leave you wondering what the cause is. Believe it or not, there are many potential reasons why your water may have an unpleasant odor, and some of these causes can also affect the taste … Continue reading “Why Does My Water Smell?”

A Guide to Plumbing Fixtures and Common Problems

Plumbing fixtures play an essential role in the overall plumbing system of a home, providing water to different parts of the house, from showerheads to faucets. Economy Plumbing Services will discuss everything you need to know about plumbing fixtures and their importance in keeping your home safe and functional. A Guide to Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing … Continue reading “A Guide to Plumbing Fixtures and Common Problems”

What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

It is life-saving to know what to do in the event of a plumbing emergency in order to minimize damage and ensure the safety of your property and family. In this article, Economy Plumbing Service will provide advice on what steps should be taken when dealing with a plumbing emergency, including how to identify the … Continue reading “What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency”

Winterizing Your Pipes

Winterizing Your Pipes Winterizing your pipes is one of the essential pieces of work when you decide to prepare your house for the winter. Winter season requires lots of preparations to get through it quickly and without unexpected expenses. So we at Economy Plumbing Services have compiled the steps and helpful tips for winterizing your … Continue reading “Winterizing Your Pipes”

Bad Water Pressure? This Might Be The Issue

What’s Causing Bad Water Pressure? Bad water pressure can affect your life more than you anticipate. It is essential for washing machines, dishwashers, and all the faucets in a house to work fast and effectively. If the water pressure is not where it is supposed to be, having a shower may become a frustrating challenge … Continue reading “Bad Water Pressure? This Might Be The Issue”

When to Know You Need a Garbage Disposal Replacement

Every appliance in your home eventually requires a replacement. Unfortunately, keeping appliances in working condition for your lifespan is nearly impossible. On the flip side, there are some signs you can monitor to determine whether or not you need a garbage disposal replacement based on your garbage disposal behavior. Please continue reading to learn everything … Continue reading “When to Know You Need a Garbage Disposal Replacement”

Water Softener Installation – What It Does For Your Water

Water softeners are a popular way to reduce the mineral content in your hard water. Not every home requires a water softener, but many homes could benefit from this device. If you feel you have tons of calcium buildup in your water, you may want to consider a device to filter out some of those … Continue reading “Water Softener Installation – What It Does For Your Water”

What is Hydro Jetting?

Every once in a while, your house needs a drain cleaning system to ensure that your plumbing keeps working as well as possible. Everyone knows how frustrating it is when water backs up and tubs won’t drain. Hydro jetting is a great way to ensure that your water drains properly without using over-the-counter products that … Continue reading “What is Hydro Jetting?”

Water Heater Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

Every household needs a functioning water heater to take hot showers, clean the house, and do everything else you need hot water for. Unfortunately, even if you pay your gas bill on time every month, there can be situations where your water heater doesn’t work properly. If your water heater pilot light keeps going out, … Continue reading “Water Heater Pilot Light Keeps Going Out”

Sewer Line Cleaning

Sewer line cleaning is a task that you can hire a plumber to do to ensure that wastewater drains properly from your home. Sometimes, there are situations where the wastewater gets stuck in your home, which causes a backup. Backed-up wastewater can cause problems, like making your house smell bad and creating mold. Please continue … Continue reading “Sewer Line Cleaning”

Why Won’t My Water Heater Drain (And How to Fix It)

Without a water heater, there’s no way you could take a nice hot shower or effectively clean your dishes, so when your water heater has trouble, this can be very concerning. Water heater replacements can be pricey, so you want to explore all of your options before you consider replacing the device. Fortunately, there are … Continue reading “Why Won’t My Water Heater Drain (And How to Fix It)”

Is Drano Bad for Pipes?

Drano is a popular pipe cleaner, marketed for home use to eliminate buildup in pipes and clear clogs. However, just because something is marketed as safe for your pipes doesn’t mean it is. People often use Drano when their sinks, bathtubs, or other plumbing backs up and want a quick fix without spending much money. … Continue reading “Is Drano Bad for Pipes?”

How to Hire a Plumbing Contractor

When the plumbing goes out it is one of the most stressful things about being a homeowner.  The best way to ensure you get the job done right is to hire a professional plumber to come in and fix your situation. Otherwise, if you do the job independently, you could risk handling the wrong problem … Continue reading “How to Hire a Plumbing Contractor”

The Most Common Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush

A toilet that won’t flush is a common, yet distressing situation. If your toilet won’t flush, there can be a lot of causes with simple solutions. Toilets not flushing is one of the homeowners’ most common plumbing issues. Please continue reading to learn why your toilet won’t flush and how to fix it with home … Continue reading “The Most Common Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush”

When to Conduct a Sewer Line Cleanout

Every home and property owner eventually needs to take care of their plumbing. When you use something every day, there’s maintenance that you need to partake in to make it run optimally. Plumbing is a necessary part of any active establishment that people inhabit, and sewer line cleanouts are part of the regular maintenance required. … Continue reading “When to Conduct a Sewer Line Cleanout”

Why Your Bathtub Is Cogged and How to Fix It

Why Your Bathtub Is Cogged and How to Fix It When your bathtub is clogged, it can ruin a relaxing night after work. People use their bathtubs to unwind and get clean. A bathtub clog will completely counteract that goal. There are many reasons why your bathtub might be clogged, and there are several resolutions … Continue reading “Why Your Bathtub Is Cogged and How to Fix It”

How to Repair Galvanized Water Pipe Leaks

People who own homes built before the 1960s would highly benefit from learning how to repair galvanized water pipe leaks. What used to be a common plumbing material has turned into a common plumbing disaster. These older pipes are prone to erosion over the years, thus leading to leaks. On top of that, galvanized pipes … Continue reading “How to Repair Galvanized Water Pipe Leaks”

Uses for a PEX Pipe

PEX pipes are color-coded tools to help carry hot and cold water from place to place. PEX pipes are normally used for water heaters to carry water safely while it is hot. PEX pipes come in several colors to help you distinguish what type of water is in the pipe, although this color coding is … Continue reading “Uses for a PEX Pipe”

Why Hire a Professional for Your Water Heater Repair

Water heater repair is an essential part of owning a home. Water heaters are common appliances that require repairs and maintenance every few years because of how frequently they’re used. Unfortunately, most people use their water heaters every day, so eventually, they will get worn out. While fixing it yourself can be tempting to save … Continue reading “Why Hire a Professional for Your Water Heater Repair”

April Showers Bring May Flowers… And Need Good Drainage!

Are you purchasing a new home or recently made the change? The market is crazy out there and folks are closing the deal without too much thought about what problems they might be inheriting – they just want a place to live! We can’t blame them, everyone needs a place to live. But let us … Continue reading “April Showers Bring May Flowers… And Need Good Drainage!”

Plumbing Problems to Fix Before You Move In

Are you purchasing a new home or recently made the change? The market is crazy out there and folks are closing the deal without too much thought about what problems they might be inheriting – they just want a place to live! We can’t blame them, everyone needs a place to live. But let us … Continue reading “Plumbing Problems to Fix Before You Move In”

Have a Septic Tank? Here’s How to Find It!

Septic tanks are a surprisingly common enough plumbing feature, depending on where you live. If you’ve recently bought the home in a rush, you might not fully know just where the septic tank is and that can cause some problems down the line! So before disaster strikes, locate your septic tank and get it checked … Continue reading “Have a Septic Tank? Here’s How to Find It!”

How Do Garbage Disposals Work?

This month we’ve been talking a bit about garbage disposals and how to keep them clean but how do they even work? It is a fair question! For most folks it’s just enough to know they do work, but knowing how they work can help you address problems early, and how to get the most … Continue reading “How Do Garbage Disposals Work?”

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal puts up with a lot of abuse in its day-to-day life. Taking care of it (and not putting anything down it that doesn’t belong!) is a key way to keep your garbage disposal chugging along for a long time yet to come. The first step of that? Keep it clean! Here’s how … Continue reading “How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal”

Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing!

It’s the end of February now and you know what that means! Spring is just around the corner! And what does Spring mean? Well aside from slightly warmer days and maybe a smidge less rain it also means opening up the house, getting more active, and, of course, spring cleaning! After a few cold months … Continue reading “Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing!”

TP, Bidet, Wipes – Which Way To Go

There’s one place we all spend some peace and quiet each day – no not in bed, we’re talking about the bathroom! Whether you’re a morning constitutional type or a get-away-from-the-kids-for-just-a-minute type you’ve spent some time on the porcelain throne. Now, when you’re finished what do you reach for? The roll of TP? A package … Continue reading “TP, Bidet, Wipes – Which Way To Go”

How to Prevent Sewer Backups in the First Place

Last month we talked about how plumbers can fix sewer backups and get your plumbing back on track. Before that, we talked about what to do when a backup. Well, this time we want to talk about how you can prevent sewer backups in the first place! Think of it as a New Year’s Resolution … Continue reading “How to Prevent Sewer Backups in the First Place”

New Year, New You, New Plumbing Too!

2022 is fully here! As most folks decide on some New Year’s resoltuions to make this the best year yet, they tend to be in the usual space: Eat better, work out more, read more books – you get what we’re saying. But what if the resolution was for saving you money and preventing a … Continue reading “New Year, New You, New Plumbing Too!”

Happy Holidays 2021!

From all of us in the Economy Plumbing Services family to yours! Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, the Winter Solstice – whatever your winter holiday of choice, we hope you have a great one. We’ll see you Next Year! Happy Holidays! – Economy Plumbing Services LLC

How Plumbers Clear Backups!

Backups are perhaps the worst experience most folks will encounter when it comes to plumbing problems. When wastewater starts flowing up through the tubs, drains, and out of toilets – well you KNOW something is wrong. When this happens you’re dealing with a backup (the water is back flowing ‘up’ into your home).   How … Continue reading “How Plumbers Clear Backups!”

What To Do When Your Sewer Backs Up

A sewer backup is probably the worst thing many folks will deal with when it comes to their plumbing. You’ll have wastewater overflowing into your tubs and floors, creating a serious headache when it comes to cleaning up, not to mention a serious health hazard! This time on the Economy Plumbing Service blog, we’re going … Continue reading “What To Do When Your Sewer Backs Up”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Economy Plumbing Service LLC is family-owned and operated, has over 27 years of experience, and is licensed, bonded, and insured. But we wouldn’t be all those things without YOU. When we started our operation in 90’s it was smaller, much smaller. With just a handful of tools equipment, the right people and the passion to … Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

What to Look Out For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a pretty special holiday when you think about it. It’s one of the few we have that isn’t about giving gifts to one another or celebrating a cause – it’s about thankfulness, realizing what we have to be grateful for as we continue our lives. It’s also more than a little bit about … Continue reading “What to Look Out For This Thanksgiving”

Everything You Need to Know About Toilet Installation

If you start seeing cracks or leaks from your toilet, or it uses too much water when flushing, then you should consider replacing it. You may call in the plumber or go the DIY route. If you want to DIY, it’s not an easy task and may take the whole day, but it would save … Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Toilet Installation”

Tankless Water Heaters and You

Tankless water heaters, also called instantaneous or demand-type, provide hot water when needed only. Unlike storage water heaters, it only provides hot water when you need it, so it prevents unnecessary energy losses. A plumbing contractor understands the benefits of using tankless water heaters, such as energy efficiency, water-on-demand ability, longer life expectancy, etc. However, … Continue reading “Tankless Water Heaters and You”

Drainage Systems

The drainage system in residential areas is essential as it helps to remove excess water. A sound drainage system takes water away from the driveways, roofs, and walkways to prevent flooding. It also helps prevent structural damage of buildings due to water buildup and prevents mold, mildew, and rotting. Ensuring that water runoff is properly … Continue reading “Drainage Systems”

How to Find a Plumber

A pipe busts and all the sudden your floor is flooded. Now you need to get this fixed and fast! Finding reputable, trustworthy help can be difficult, doubly so when it needs to happen quick, we get that. Who can you trust to come into your home and get the job done right at the … Continue reading “How to Find a Plumber”

Water Heater Installation – What it Takes

Water heater installations seem like a big job at first glance, after all that water heater is a pretty big appliance and it’s connected to just about every other water fixture and appliance in your home. This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog we’re going to run through what it takes for water heater … Continue reading “Water Heater Installation – What it Takes”

Winter Plumbing Prep!

Here’s the thing, in the night in Tucson we can still dip below freezing temps, so having some idea what your pipes need for the season is a good one! Plus, not all of our audience is local to the area, or if you’re snowbird prepping your home in the midwest for the trip down … Continue reading “Winter Plumbing Prep!”

How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

So you need a new garbage disposal. You call out a local plumber, they take a look, and luckily they have the unit you need on the truck! He comes back inside and after about 20 minutes under the sink and they’re out the door. “Excellent, that’ll be $400 for the repair/replacement.” “How much does … Continue reading “How Much Does a Plumber Cost?”

Plumbing Fixtures Lifespans – Key Facts to Know For Better Performance!

Last time on the Economy Plumbing Service blog we talked about how to identify and hopefully repair a leaky garbage disposal. And that got us thinking! This time on the blog we’re going to give a rundown of all the plumbing fixtures in your home and some basic facts about them. If you’ve wondered how … Continue reading “Plumbing Fixtures Lifespans – Key Facts to Know For Better Performance!”

Leaky Garbage Disposal? Here’s What to Know

Garbage disposals are one of those work horse plumbing fixtures in the home. We put them through absolute hell and back – after all, it’s a motor with a shredder attached to it it’s meant to handle it! But what happens when you see a puddle of water flowing from under your sink, bust open … Continue reading “Leaky Garbage Disposal? Here’s What to Know”

How Hot Water Heaters Work

Here on the Economy Plumbing Services blog we take a look at and talk about a lot about how hot water heaters can break, why they may be leaking, that sort of thing. But you know what we’ve never done? We’ve never explained how hot water heaters work. So if you’re curious how that big … Continue reading “How Hot Water Heaters Work”

Monsoon Plumbing Troubles

Earlier this summer we talked about some of the more common summer plumbing problems that folks are likely to experience – hopefully you’ve been able to avoid all those so far! The trouble with summers, especially here in Arizona, is the heat yes but there’s also another source of adversity – the Monsoon. Monsoon Problems … Continue reading “Monsoon Plumbing Troubles”

The Importance of Gas Pressure

Gas pressure might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to plumbing. For one, most people don’t realize that plumbers are frequently But, like so many other facets of plumbing, it’s these un-thought of things that are crucial to the proper operation of your home’s systems. Without delaying any further, let’s … Continue reading “The Importance of Gas Pressure”

Gas Line FAQ!

This time on the Economy Plumbing Service blog we’re looking at some of the more common questions we hear when it comes to gas lines. A lot of people might be confused that plumbers also handle gas lines in the first place, after all isn’t plumbing just water? The truth is there is a lot … Continue reading “Gas Line FAQ!”

Why is My Hot Water Heater Leaking?!

People rely on their hot water heater day in and day out. Showers, laundry machines, dishes, washing hands, and on and on it goes. You notice that the hot water isn’t lasting like it used to or stepping into your laundry room and you’re greeted with wet feet. The water heater has sprung a leak. … Continue reading “Why is My Hot Water Heater Leaking?!”

Plumbing Basics – What to Know For Your Home’s Plumbing

Every homeowner should know a few plumbing basics. No we’re not just talking about how to use a plunger (though boy howdy is that important!), we’re talking about how certain features function in your home, or where key fixtures are located. This time on the Economy Plumbing Service LLC we’re talking plumbing basics and what … Continue reading “Plumbing Basics – What to Know For Your Home’s Plumbing”

The Benefits of a Cold Shower

Earlier this month the temperatures finally hit past 100 degrees for the first time this year, so it’s safe to say summer is fully here! Last time on the blog we answered some water heater FAQs. This time let’s go the other direction and look at the blue side of the thermometer. While it might … Continue reading “The Benefits of a Cold Shower”

Water Heater FAQ

We’re deep in the summer now and the temps are rising! Speaking of heat, let’s take a look at the key fixture in your plumbing that ties into just about everything else. You rely on it for showers, baths, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers – that’s right this time on the blog it’s all about … Continue reading “Water Heater FAQ”

Summertime Sadness– er, Plumbing Problems!

OK, maybe we don’t need to have a Lana Del Rey song in our title, but it just stuck out! Anyways! Most folks might not realize it but the change of the seasons from Spring to Summer bring just as many potential complications as the freezing temperatures of winter. This time on the Economy Plumbing … Continue reading “Summertime Sadness– er, Plumbing Problems!”

6 Frequently Asked Questions All About Plumbing

Welcome back to another entry here at the Economy Plumbing Services blog. This time around, rather than give you the whole lowdown on a sewer system or discuss the types of sewer pipes under your home, we’re going to do a rapid-fire Q & A, answering some more frequently asked questions we see that may … Continue reading “6 Frequently Asked Questions All About Plumbing”

The Sewer System

Out of sight, out of mind, but if the sewer system broke down modern civilization as we know it might go with it! Ok, that might be a little hyperbolic – but only a little! This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog we’re going to take a look at the big picture, what all … Continue reading “The Sewer System”

The Different Types of Sewer Pipes

Curious about the different kinds of sewer pipes? Well, be curious no longer! This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog, we’re covering just that. The different types of sewer pipe, when they’re used and more. So let’s talk about that! Sewer Pipe Sewer pipe is the workhorse of your plumbing system. It’s what carries … Continue reading “The Different Types of Sewer Pipes”

What is a Sewer Cleanout?

The name ‘sewer cleanout,’ you would be forgiven if you thought it was a cleaning process. “Oh no, my drains are clogged, I need sewer cleanout!” But that’s not what its! This time on the Economy Plumbing Service blog we’re going to tell you all about this part of your home’s plumbing system! What is … Continue reading “What is a Sewer Cleanout?”

The Importance and Power of Drainage

Drainage. It might sound gross, but it is such a crucial component to a healthy, working plumbing system. If your plumbing doesn’t have adequate drainage, or something goes wrong with it you’ll quickly learn just how crucial it is. This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog, we’re taking a look at half of your … Continue reading “The Importance and Power of Drainage”

Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing

March is here and with the temperatures starting to heat up it’s time to start the yearly tradition of Spring Cleaning! Now, we’re not here to talk about how to rearrange your furniture or the best way to clean your windows but there is plenty you can do yourself to get your plumbing ready for … Continue reading “Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing”

How to Clean Plumbing Vent

Last time on the Economy Plumbing Services Blog we threw out some quick answers to frequently asked questions, but here’s the thing, not all questions are so easily answered! This time on the blog we are going to walk you through how to clean plumbing vents, how to know if you need to, and why … Continue reading “How to Clean Plumbing Vent”

6 FAQs About Plumbing

Welcome back  to another entry here on the Economy Plumbing Services blog! This time we have no overarching angle, we’re just going to answer a bunch of frequently asked questions we see about plumbing that might not need a full blog on their own to answer. So if you found your way here through the … Continue reading “6 FAQs About Plumbing”

How to Become a Plumber

This last year has been a tough one for many folks, and for some it has changed their career prospects, plans, or dreams. Others are still in high school and beginning to make plans for their future. Whatever the reason you’ve found your way here to the Economy Plumbing Services blog to find out how … Continue reading “How to Become a Plumber”

Slow Draining Toilet? Here’s What is Going On

No, you’re not crazy, your toilet really is not working like it’s supposed to! A slow draining toilet is a common problem for many folks and there are a few potential causes for this problem. Let’s talk about it, get it fixed up sooner than later so you can stop worrying! This time on the … Continue reading “Slow Draining Toilet? Here’s What is Going On”

How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

Welcome back to another entry here at the Economy Plumbing Services blog! Winter is well and truly here! We may have thought that last month but these past few weeks is when the temperatures really started to dip, and just in time! The winter holidays are just around the corner. If you’re planning on going … Continue reading “How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing”

Fixing Leaky Sinks and Toilets

The leak has been identified, found, and marked. Your enemy is clear, this loose gasket, this punctured piece of PEX tubing. Now it’s time to take matters into your own hands and fix it. Luckily you’ve come to the right place! Read on for more info on how to fix leaky toilets, sinks, and more! … Continue reading “Fixing Leaky Sinks and Toilets”

Identifying Leaks in Your Plumbing

When it comes to ensuring your plumbing is working right, you need to be vigilant about leaks. Read on, this time on Economy Plumbing Service, we’re running down how to identify if you have a leak! There are a few telltale signs that one is lurking somewhere in your pipes. Water bill running high? Toilet … Continue reading “Identifying Leaks in Your Plumbing”

Smart Plumbing Coming Down the ‘Pipe’

First thing first, yes, yes of course we know the saying is coming down the pike, but forgive us a bit of plumbing pun would ya? Alright, so, with everything else in the home getting smarter shouldn’t our bathroom enjoy the increased IQ? That’s right, joining TVs, thermostats, fridges come pipes, toilets, faucets and more! … Continue reading “Smart Plumbing Coming Down the ‘Pipe’”

Candy Season: What Can’t Go Down Your Drain

It’s that time of the year again: the time where you and your family get a ton of sticky, sweet, and delicious candy. Regardless of how much you get, it’s inevitable that some of it will end up in the trash or in the sink. Most candies are fine going down the sink, but some … Continue reading “Candy Season: What Can’t Go Down Your Drain”

How Often Should You Replace Your Pipes

Pipes aren’t something you should think about replacing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need it after some time. Every type of pipe has a different lifespan and here are a few signs for when you should call an expert plumber to replace them.  Obvious Signs Your Pipes Need Replacing There are a few obvious … Continue reading “How Often Should You Replace Your Pipes”

A Breakdown of Water and Sewer Pipe Materials

Not all pipes are made out of the same material. In fact, there are many different kinds, both metal and nonmetal, that are being used today. Some, such as galvanized steel, are slowly being phased out as older homes and businesses begin to re-pipe, while others, like brass and PEX piping, are gaining in popularity.  … Continue reading “A Breakdown of Water and Sewer Pipe Materials”

Gas Water Heaters vs. Electric Water Heaters

One of the most important appliances in your home is something you don’t think about is your water heater. While that’s a good thing, once a decade passes, you’re going to want to start thinking about replacing it before your water heater fails.  Nowadays, there are many choices, but it all boils down to gas … Continue reading “Gas Water Heaters vs. Electric Water Heaters”

What Can Cause a Sink to Clog

Thankfully, a clog sink is relatively easy to deal with, but the cause of it can be triggered by many things. To avoid a clog in the future, here’s a list of what probably caused it in the first place.  The most common things to a clog a sink are hair, food, soap scum, or … Continue reading “What Can Cause a Sink to Clog”

When to Replace a Toilet or a Sink

When it comes to a sink or a toilet, it’s not always obvious they need to be replaced. At Economy Plumbing Service, we often get calls to repair sinks and toilets. In many cases, a replacement would better suit the homeowners needs than a repair, but it is often hard to spot the difference between … Continue reading “When to Replace a Toilet or a Sink”

Why is PEX Plumbing Bad?

PEX tubing has become one of the most popular building materials out there, widely used in plumbing, we particular like PEX tubing use it to great effect. But as with anything that becomes popular there is going to be some hubbub about the potential negatives, and to be clear, that’s totally reasonable! Every material out … Continue reading “Why is PEX Plumbing Bad?”

What is the Downside to a Tankless Water Heater? What About Positives?

Tankless water heaters are a hot new option for creating an energy-efficient home. Unlike traditional water heaters that continuously heat and reheat water as they store them in their tanks, keeping them always hot, tankless water heaters instead focus on warming just the water that’s being used. Sounds great right? It is if that’s all … Continue reading “What is the Downside to a Tankless Water Heater? What About Positives?”

“Plumbing Herpetology” – The Study of the Plumbing Snake

Alright so we might have made up the term “plumbing herpetology” but it was too good to pass up. The plumbing snake is one of our key tools here at Economy Plumbing Services and it’s often the first thing people go to when they’re having clogged line troubles. “Can you snake it?” Might just be … Continue reading ““Plumbing Herpetology” – The Study of the Plumbing Snake”

Maintaining Your Water Heater

Water heaters are a crucial part of the home plumbing system that many folks might not think about.  Water heaters, as you may have guessed, are the appliance responsible for heating up your water for your baths, showers, fixtures, and other appliances. That’s right, the water heater is tied into so many other critical systems … Continue reading “Maintaining Your Water Heater”

Galvanized Plumbing & You

Welcome back to the Economy Plumbing Service blog where we dish all the tips, info, and know-how you might need to handle your own plumbing problems and to better understand what it is plumbers like us can help with. The more you understand, the better we all can diagnose potential problems and get it sorted. … Continue reading “Galvanized Plumbing & You”

How Does Plumbing Work?

Last time on the blog we dialed it back and talked about the basic plumber services available here at Economy Plumbing Service LLC. This time we’re going to stick in that angle of bigger picture discussion and answer a question many might have but feel a bit silly to ask: just how does plumbing work? … Continue reading “How Does Plumbing Work?”

Plumber Services 101 – What We Offer

Turns out some folks think plumbers only handle toilets and drains. The truth however is that plumber services cover a range of different parts of your home. This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog, we’re giving a brief rundown of the different work we do, plumber services for residential and commercial clients! What Do … Continue reading “Plumber Services 101 – What We Offer”

Summer Fun, Plumbing Problems

Summer is fully here! Aside from the intense heat, it also means schools are out, kids are home, and folks are getting up to all the fun activities summer has to offer! Believe or not, summer can cause some plumbing problems for you! So here are some considerations for you from the experts at Economy … Continue reading “Summer Fun, Plumbing Problems”

PEX vs Copper Pipes – Which Pipe to Use and Why

If you’ve spent any time on our site you know we love PEX piping. It’s a damn good tool for our job and makes things like repiping houses in two days possible! But it isn’t the only pipe and it’s not the best pipe for every job. This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog, … Continue reading “PEX vs Copper Pipes – Which Pipe to Use and Why”

How to Drain a Water Heater

Here’s a hot tip (literally)! There’s an easy maintenance job you can handle at home, today, with the tools you have on hand that can get your water heater working better instantly – and extend its lifespan to boot! This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog, we’re going to teach you how to drain … Continue reading “How to Drain a Water Heater”

Why Do Toilets Clog?

Few things put such immediate dread as the toilet not flushing like it should. You wait for a moment, heart pounding, ‘Is this about to happen? Am I ready for it? Where’s the plunger.’ If you are lucky the flush picks up strength and you breathe a heavy sigh of relief. If you’re not you … Continue reading “Why Do Toilets Clog?”

A Quick Guide to Toilet Parts

While pipes and faucets are pretty simple bits of plumbing (comparatively), there are plenty of fixtures in your home that rely on water and are a bit more complicated than that. This time on the Economy Plumbing Services LLC blog, we wanted to give you a quick rundown on the various toilet parts! We’ll list … Continue reading “A Quick Guide to Toilet Parts”

Water Heaters – What’s the Difference

You know our saying, “If water runs to it or through it, we do it!’ Here at Economy Plumbing Services LLC, we pride ourselves on having comprehensive knowledge of everything plumbing related – and sharing that with our customers. We want to make sure you have everything you need to make smart decisions for your … Continue reading “Water Heaters – What’s the Difference”

How to Unclog Main Sewer Line Without a Snake

A clogged sink or toilet that is spilling out water into the home is no fun for anybody! It can cause damages and create an unsafe environment in your home.  Here’s how to unclog a main sewer line without a snake, if you’re up for it! How to Unclog a Main Sewer Line Without a … Continue reading “How to Unclog Main Sewer Line Without a Snake”

Most Common Reasons Your Electric Water Heater is Not Working

Cold water when you need hot (or worse, when you are expecting it) can be quite the shock. Last time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog we took a look at how to test heat elements in your water heater to help avoid that. In that same vein, this time we are going to look … Continue reading “Most Common Reasons Your Electric Water Heater is Not Working”

How to Test Water Heater Elements – Is It Broken or Just Installed Wrong?

Struggling to keep your water hot? Are your breakers constantly getting tripped? These are both sure signs that your hot water heater is on the fritz, specifically the element. Here’s a handy little blog on how to test water heater elements to determine what’s wrong, and what needs to be done to get your showers … Continue reading “How to Test Water Heater Elements – Is It Broken or Just Installed Wrong?”

11 No-Nos – What Not To Pour Down the Drain

Last time on the blog we talked about what some of the things you can do to help keep your plumbing system operating smoothly between professional check ups. One of those points was to ‘Know What You Pour,’ specifically talking about what you are putting down your drains. Well, you might not know what’s bad … Continue reading “11 No-Nos – What Not To Pour Down the Drain”

7 Plumbing Maintenance Tips for 2020

Few things are as absolutely devastating  to have happen as a plumbing catastrophe. Luckily for everyone involved, there are things you can do at home right now  to keep your plumbing operating smoothly! So, why not add some house maintenance to your New Year, New You creed? Seven Tips to Keep Your Plumbing Flowing Look … Continue reading “7 Plumbing Maintenance Tips for 2020”

When To Replace Water Heaters – An Economy Plumbing Guide

Water heaters are an absolute comfort in the home, giving us relaxing showers and baths, helping in cooking and cleaning – they just flat out make life easier. But what happens when that ease, when that comfort goes away? You ever jump in a shower just to have the heat disappear on you? It’s awful! … Continue reading “When To Replace Water Heaters – An Economy Plumbing Guide”

Sewer Lines and You

Whether you’re moving in to a new place, repiping your home, or experiencing some troubles with your plumbing, knowing what you are dealing with is perhaps the best thing you can do. Part of knowing what you’re dealing with is understanding the sewer lines connecting your home to the rest of the sewer system. This … Continue reading “Sewer Lines and You”

Winterize Your Plumbing!

Welcome back to another entry here on the Economy Plumbing Services blog! Earlier this month we talked a lot about insulating pipes, doing your best to get them in shape so they don’t freeze over or cause any energy inefficiency in the home. This time around, we want to talk about a larger scale project … Continue reading “Winterize Your Plumbing!”

Pipe Insulation and You

It might surprise you to talk about now, but this month on the Economy Plumbing Services blog we are talking about pipe insulation and winter prep for your plumbing. “It’s September! Fall isn’t even here yet!” We hear you, but when it comes to pipe insulation and other winter prep, getting it done before winter … Continue reading “Pipe Insulation and You”

Leaking Water Heater, What’s the Deal?

Unfortunately for most of our customers, when they need a plumber they need a plumber stat! A toilet might be overflowing, drains clogged and causing a mess, or a leaking water heater. All of these are problems you want to act on quick, and are worth knowing their potential causes. The sooner you recognize the … Continue reading “Leaking Water Heater, What’s the Deal?”

Repiping A Home – What to Know

Sometimes plumbing issues get to such a degree that simple spot repairs aren’t enough to fix the problem at hand. When this happens it may be time to consider repiping your home. We know, we know, that sounds like a lot of work and a little scary to boot. This time on the Economy Plumbing … Continue reading "Repiping A Home – What to Know"

PEX Tubing Primer – The Future ‘Pipe’

Hello world! That’s what the site suggests we say here on our first blog post at Economy Plumbing Services, but that’s not all we want to say. We are committed to providing our expertise and services in our jobs but also here on our blog where we can talk at length about the topics our … Continue reading "PEX Tubing Primer – The Future ‘Pipe’"

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