When to Know You Need a Garbage Disposal Replacement

Every appliance in your home eventually requires a replacement. Unfortunately, keeping appliances in working condition for your lifespan is nearly impossible. On the flip side, there are some signs you can monitor to determine whether or not you need a garbage disposal replacement based on your garbage disposal behavior.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need about when to get a garbage disposal replacement. In addition, we will discuss all the signs to look out for and when you should call a professional for your replacement.

Your Garbage Disposal Takes Longer Than Normal

If you notice that your garbage disposal takes significantly longer to grind up your food than before, you should consider getting a replacement. Your garbage disposal may take longer than it used to because your blades are dull, so it is having trouble grinding up the material in your sink. 

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal, and you’ll need a replacement in this situation. Be mindful of the materials you put in your garbage disposal to keep your blades as sharp as possible for as long as possible. For example, if you constantly put material that is difficult for your garbage disposal to handle, your blades may become dull quicker than necessary.

Your garbage disposal should take less than five seconds to eliminate most waste you put down the drain. However, if you notice your garbage disposal takes several minutes to destroy the material in your sink, it’s time to purchase a new appliance.

Your Garbage Disposal Makes Disturbing Sounds

Another strong indicator that you’re due for garbage disposal replacement is that your garbage disposal makes loud sounds when you use it. It’s normal for garbage disposals to be loud while destroying food, but if you hear clunking or odd grinding sounds in your appliance, this could be cause for concern. 

Sometimes, your disposal makes these sounds because other materials accidentally fell down your sink drain. For example, if you drop nails or large chunks of glass and your drain, your garbage disposal can’t get rid of this substance. A plumber can help you determine whether or not you need a garbage disposal replacement or if you have the wrong material trapped in your blades.

Accidentally dropping something down your sink drain is more common than expected. This is especially the case if you break a dish while you clean the dishes. Sometimes you can get rid of unwanted debris on your own, but a plumber can assist you if you can’t find the culprit.

You Reset Your Device Often

You should purchase a new device if you frequently need to reset your garbage disposal. For example, if you’re resetting your garbage disposal once a week, this is more often than most people reset this appliance. You should only need to reset your garbage disposal once a month; even then, it could be a sign that it is at the end of its life span.

The last thing you want to worry about is your garbage disposal going out when you can’t afford a new one. So, if you have to reset your appliance often, you should purchase a new one before this one breaks. 

Water Keeps Backing Up In Your Sink

If you start noticing issues with your sink plumbing, there could be something wrong with your garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal doesn’t perform correctly, it’s common for materials to get stuck in your drains and cause leaks or backups. This occurs if you notice a leak in the pipes where your garbage disposal is but nowhere else in your home.

Final Thoughts

Contact us at (520) 214-2149 if you think you need a garbage disposal replacement. Our team can walk you through the steps it takes to replace your garbage disposal and help you identify whether or not it’s time for a new device. If you believe you need a new garbage disposal, we can come out and accurately replace your current disposal with a new appliance.

Neglecting to replace your garbage disposal when necessary could cause many plumbing issues. You should avoid these issues by replacing any devices in your plumbing as soon as you notice problems.