What to Look Out For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a pretty special holiday when you think about it. It’s one of the few we have that isn’t about giving gifts to one another or celebrating a cause – it’s about thankfulness, realizing what we have to be grateful for as we continue our lives. It’s also more than a little bit about getting around that dinner table and enjoying an incredible meal together!


With all that gathering and cooking and eating, well they can do a number on your home’s plumbing! Here are some top tier plumbing pro tips to survive this Thanksgiving and avoid disaster!


Don’t Put Leftovers Down the Drain

Ok, here’s the biggest thing you can do to save yourself a plumbing heartache – don’t put leftovers down the drain! It might be tempting, but this is almost certainly a guaranteed way to clog it up. Throw those leftovers in the trash or a compost pile instead. While you’re cleaning up after cooking make sure you’re not pouring any fats or oils down the train – those will solidify in the pipes and cause you serious trouble. Instead take paper towels to mop up the grease from pots and pans and toss those in the trash, or use a jar to save and reuse the grease. But whatever you do, don’t put it down the drain!

Run That Garbage Disposal Right

The garbage disposal is a hell of a tool that we have ourselves these days but you need to use it correctly to get the best results. Start running your disposal before you put any food in, running water to let the drain fill with water. Then put the food waste into it. Allow the disposal to run and let the water to continuing running for a bit after turning the disposal off to make sure the waste doesn’t end up clogging the drain.

Use Drain Strainers

This is a tip you can start right now in all of your drains. Use sink and drain strainers to prevent any food from passing into the drain and clogging it! Keeps the water flowing while making sure nothing gets into the drain and clogs it. Use these in your bathrooms sinks and tubs as well to keep hair etc. from running down the drains and ruining your day! Remember, all of your waste lines, your sinks and drains and toilets, all run into one main sewer line away from your home.


Strainers are an ounce of prevention – which we all know is worth a pound of cure!


Wait Between Showers

Another common situation to arrive in the Thanksgiving holidays is hosting guests. If this is the case for you, make sure you are all spacing out showers enough – it’s not just about the hot water! Each shower washes dirt, grime, and hair down the drain. Waiting at least 10 minutes between showers allows your plumbing enough time to disperse all the water through the lines and into the city mainline. This is especially crucial if you didn’t take our earlier advice about using drain strainers!

Have Your Plumbing Checked Out Before Thanksgiving

There’s still time! Have a plumber come out and give your plumbing a look and assess the current state of things. You’ll be happier you did this than having to deal with a clogged line in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner! We said it before but we’ll say it again – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and getting a plumber to make the repair before it becomes an emergency is definitely the more cost effective option!

Need a plumber right now? Want to get a checkup done before the holiday hits? You know who to call!

If Water Runs Through it Or To It, We Do It!

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