Bad Water Pressure? This Might Be The Issue

hand under faucet with low pressure water stream

What’s Causing Bad Water Pressure?

Bad water pressure can affect your life more than you anticipate. It is essential for washing machines, dishwashers, and all the faucets in a house to work fast and effectively. If the water pressure is not where it is supposed to be, having a shower may become a frustrating challenge as you will not be able to rinse your body for a long time. Therefore, detecting what is causing bad water pressure and fixing it is a must. 

What’s Causing Bad Water Pressure?

Since water pressure is vital for using your machines, flushing toilets, taking a shower, and bad water pressure is a real problem that needs fixing immediately. Some homeowners may not be aware of whether the problem involves just one fixture or the entire system. Therefore, understanding the root of the problem and taking action accordingly will make your life better. Let’s look at some of the main causes of bad water pressure. 

Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator is a tool that manages the home’s water pressure, making sure that it is at a safe and comfortable level. However, broken water pressure regulators can cause the water pressure to go too high or too low, both of which are bad news. The first thing to check for here is if there is sediment in the water pressure regulator because if there is, it may result in blockage and lousy water pressure eventually if it hasn’t already. 


Blocked or busted faucets also can cause bad water pressure! If you realize that bad water pressure is not an issue everywhere in the house and is in one specific fixture, you should check that particular faucet for clogs, corrosions, or broken seals that may be blocking the flow of water. 


However, you should also check the connections of the faucet if the faucet is not the problem itself. Luckily, these are easy problems to solve by replacing the faucets or buying new fixtures. 

Stoppered Pipes

If you are experiencing water pressure problems not only in a specific faucet, the root of the problem can go back to stoppered pipes, which is one of the most common causes of bad water pressure. This may require more extensive plumbing restorements. If clogged pipes are the reason why you have bad water pressure, you may not realize it quickly as it happens gradually. You can receive a professional opinion to see if your water pressure needs restoration. 

The Main Valve

The main valve controls the water flow to your entire home; therefore, if is not open completely, it can negatively affect your water pressure. You should check the main valve to see if it is partially open. If that is the problem, you can reopen it to improve your water pressure. You may need different techniques to open the main valve, and potentially you may not have access to it (if you’re in an apartment for example) in which case you’ll want to bring your water pressure complaint to management.

Leaky Pipes

If you have leaks in your pipes, bad water pressure is one of the inevitable problems you may experience in your house. Leaks in the pipes will prevent the water from reaching its destination by changing its direction to another faucet in the house or outside the house. If you think there are leaks in the pipes and this is why you are experiencing bad water pressure, you can click here.

Corroded Pipes

The pipes of your house needs regular care according to its material. As the pipes can expire after some time, they have begin to corrode at some point. Therefore, homeowners should check their pipes while they are moving in to see if there is any need for restoration so that they will not experience headaches resulting from corroded pipes. The older your house gets, the more likely you will encounter corroded pipes. If your house needs repiping services, you can call Economy Plumbing Services.

Contact Economy Plumbing Services 

As bad water pressure may have resulted from various causes all coming together at the same time, your best bet for a total solution is to get in touch with Economy Plumbing Services for professional help. We offer many services that you need to solve your bad water pressure problem, from plumbing installation and repair to repiping.