Water Heater Installation – What it Takes

Water heater installations seem like a big job at first glance, after all that water heater is a pretty big appliance and it’s connected to just about every other water fixture and appliance in your home. This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog we’re going to run through what it takes for water heater installation and what you can expect from your plumber doing the job!

The 4 Steps of Water Heater Installation

The Call

The first step is the initial call, when the customer gives the plumber a ring and the process begins. This will lead to a consultation which might happen in person or just over the phone depending. During the consult your plumber will consider the placement of your unit, the available space, budget, and your household’s water use.

The more info you can provide your plumber the better, including:

  • Size of current water heater 
  • Where it’s located 
  • If the heater is gas or electric
  • If it’s a tank or tankless unit

The call will end with an appointment being scheduled. With this info in hand your plumber can adequately plan and prep the installation.

The Prep

While the plumbers are finishing their preparation there are a few things you can do to prepare for the appointment yourself! First, ask your plumber if they’d like to have photos of the area. If so,  take photos of the area where the new water heater is going to be installed. A visual reference point like these photos can help make sure the installation goes smoothly. Make sure you capture:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Vents
  • Connections
  • Surrounding area

With the photos squared away you can then move on to the next and maybe most important bit – cleaning up the area where the water heater installation is taking place.

Make sure to remove any clutter or debris from the area (you should keep your water heater and surrounding area clear in general). Make sure there’s a clear path from the entrance to the work area so your plumber can safely and easily bring the water heater into your home.

The Appointment

Here is what you can expect the day of your appointment. Your plumber will call you when they are on the way, giving you a heads up that the process is about to start. When the plumber arrives they’ll confirm that everything discussed in the call and prep stage are accurate. Then they’ll get to work!

The actual installation process should only take a few hours, but there is the is always the potential for some unknown factor that couldn’t have been accounted for cropping up. Also, depending on what sort of water heater installation this job is (tank water heater to tank water heater, tank to tankless, or tankless to tankless) the time will vary.

Tank to Tank

Replacing a water heater with a similar model can be done in a couple of hours, typically. The tank is first drained, taking up to an hour, then disconnected and removed. Getting the new unit in place might take a half hour or so then another hour to secure all the connections, make sure it works and – of course-  it is up to code.

Tank to Tankless 

If you’re changing over from a water heater with a tank to a tankless option, it takes a bit longer as new lines for power and water as well as air vents are typically required before the unit can be mounted and connected.

Tankless to Tankless 

This is an easy swap  as, like tank-to-tank, the connections and proper lines should all be there ready to go!

The Wrap Up

After the water heater installation is complete it’s time for the old unit to be removed. Your plumber will take care of all that and you just have to worry about enjoy your next hot shower!

Ready to get your new water heater installed? Look no further! 

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