PEX Tubing Primer – The Future ‘Pipe’

Hello world! That’s what the site suggests we say here on our first blog post at Economy Plumbing Services, but that’s not all we want to say. We are committed to providing our expertise and services in our jobs but also here on our blog where we can talk at length about the topics our customers are looking for answers for! That’s our goal here on the blog and we’ll start by talking about PEX tubing!

PEX Tubing

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing is perhaps the tube of choice when it comes to most building materials. Whether its heating or cooling systems, natural gas, or domestic water piping, it is a great alternative to PVC and CVC pipes.

As you can imagine, we’re pretty big fans of this amazing pipe!

The Power of PEX

The nature of PEX, the ‘cross-linking’ of the polyethylene makes it stronger, more resistant to abrasion and cracking, as well as being more resistant to heat and various other (rather scientific) benefits. For our purposes the benefits of PEX in plumbing are huge!
We use UPNOR WIRSBO PEX piping with a 25yr mfg warranty!


PEX pipes have incredible flexibility, are able to bend as space permits meaning that there are less joints and connections needed to pipe a home. They can’t handle a turn at a right angle so elbow joints will be needed in those instances, but in many cases a fixture or appliance can get water directly from the source with a single line. The fewer joints, splices, and other connections in the pipe means there is less risk of leaks and water pressure stays great throughout the whole flow.

Easy Install

PEX is so much easier to install than copper pipes for a few reasons. That flexibility we talked about? That helps. PEX also doesn’t require torches to solder pipes together, or adhesives for pipe fittings. Generally fewer fittings and connections are needed on a PEX job, simplifying the whole process.

We use a color-coded layout for pex pipes as well, with red tubing being used for hot water and blue for cold, and clear for hard water lines, meaning less chance for errors and mixups. No more turning the cold handle to get the hot water! This colored piping is uv protected vs clear/white piping. It is important to keep PEX pipe covered and not exposed to UV rays. We have all of our pipes stored in a warehouse away from any chance of exterior elements.

Oh, and remember how we said it doesn’t require a torch for soldering? That also brings the risk of a fire down! Installing PEX tubing doesn’t require a flame of any sort. Transitions from copper to PEX requires soldering however the use of open flame is minimal now.

pex tubing hub, showing ease of connection

Low Cost

Here’s a stat that’s bound to make you excited! Materials cast about a quarter of alternatives! The price of copper has gone up about 4x since 2000, and while it isn’t at it’s all time high, it still can’t beat the price of PEX tubing.


PEX is non-corrodible! Unlike copper pipes, moisture and minerals don’t corrode PEX. Further, the lifespan of PEX piping reaches up to 50 years making it an ideal material to replace thermoplastic and metal pipes throughout a home.

PEX can still burst from freezing temperatures but very unlikely to do so than PVC or copper piping. With PEX there is the option to add insulation to keep the water temperatures stable and help prevent freezing.


PEX is adaptable. If you don’t want to have your whole home re-piped (though if you do, we here at Economy Plumbing Service can do the whole job in two days!) you can begin with whatever repairs are immediately necessary and go from there. There are a bunch of fittings out there that allow PEX to interact with copper or PVC piping systems. And since the lifespan of PEX is so long, you don’t have to worry about the first sections of PEX going bad before you get to the rest of it.

PEX Tubing – All in All, an Amazing Pipe

As you can see, PEX tubing is an amazing option for homes, whether they’re used in radiant heating systems, or in water piping. It’s somehow that wonderful trifecta of cheaper, easier to work with, and more durable than other traditional pipes. We love using it in our jobs here in Tucson and can recommend it easily.

If you’re in the Tucson or Oro Valley area and you need plumbing services, whether they be installing new PEX tubing, fixing a water heater, or taking a look at gas lines, we are happy to help. Give us a call and remember…

If Water Goes Through It Or To It, We Do It!

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