Uses for a PEX Pipe

PEX pipes are color-coded tools to help carry hot and cold water from place to place. PEX pipes are normally used for water heaters to carry water safely while it is hot. PEX pipes come in several colors to help you distinguish what type of water is in the pipe, although this color coding is not necessary for the plumbing industry. PEX pipes are convenient and easy to install, making them a great option for homeowners.

Different Colors of PEX Pipes

You can get PEX pipes in different colors and sizes for your convenience. The colors of the PEX pipes help identify the best use for them. Identifying your PEX pipes on sight by their colors can help you with your plumbing needs. The following are the colors you can get for your PEX pipe and what the colors mean.

  • Gray PEX pipes are fantastic for both hot and cold water. This neutral color means that this pipe is suitable either way and is convenient for people who don’t want to hook up a specific color for a specific water temperature
  • White PEX pipes also work for both hot and cold water. Therefore, choosing between a gray PEX pipe and a white PEX pipe is just a matter of personal preference because they serve the same purpose
  • Red PEX pipes are for hot water
  • Blue PEX pipes are for cold water

If you prefer color coding to help distinguish water temperature, red and blue pipes are perfect. However, if you prefer a neutral-colored pipe, you can choose white or gray pipes for your water needs. There are many options to choose from when you use PEX pipes.

Plumbing Uses for a PEX Pipe

People like using PEX pipes in their plumbing because they are flexible, making it easy for people to move them around the way they need them and for them to direct water easily. In addition, because PEX pipes are so flexible, it is easy to prevent leaks by reducing the number of pipe connection points you would have with solid pipes. They are also…

  • Ideal for heating and cooling systems
  • Great for water heaters
  • Used to aid with electrical cable insulation

Many people are switching from traditional copper pipes to PEX pipes because PEX pipes are more cost-effective and require fewer connection points. PEX pipes are additionally more user-friendly for people to install than traditional copper pipes.

Can PEX Pipes be Used for Outdoor Plumbing?

No, PEX pipes cannot be used for outdoor plumbing. A PEX pipe is an indoor plumbing solution only. This type of plumbing pipe is not ideal for outdoor use because this paper is not designed to withstand weather conditions or outdoor climates. Outdoor plumbing requires sturdy pipes that can handle weather erosion.


Some people still choose to use PEX pipes for outdoor plumbing; however, these pipes have not lasted nearly as long as copper pipes for outdoor plumbing. In addition, PEX pipes are made from plastic, so they deteriorate easily under the sun’s rays and in harsh environments. This type of outdoor pipe can be a good quick solution for a plumbing issue, but it’s not a long-time solution for an outdoor plumbing issue.

pex pipes in wallHow Long to Install PEX Pipes

One of the benefits people find of using PEX pipes is that they’re easy and quick to install. PEX pipes don’t require as many connections as copper pipes, and they’re very flexible to move around easily. Some people can install pax pipes in as little as 10 minutes.

On the other hand, copper plumbing can take days to install, depending on the size of the house. This is because there are many more connection points associated with copper plumbing which is why it takes much longer to install than PEX plumbing. Most people also hire A plumber to handle copper pipes because they have so many different connection points.

Some people hire plumbers for PEX pipes too, but this plumbing job is cheaper and takes less time than the plumbing job associated with copper pipes. Contact us today for PEX pipe installation.