TP, Bidet, Wipes – Which Way To Go

There’s one place we all spend some peace and quiet each day – no not in bed, we’re talking about the bathroom! Whether you’re a morning constitutional type or a get-away-from-the-kids-for-just-a-minute type you’ve spent some time on the porcelain throne. Now, when you’re finished what do you reach for? The roll of TP? A package of wipes? A little dial next to the bowl? 

This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog we’re taking a look at a few of the options for post number two clean up and how they compare in cleanliness and flushability.

TP, Bidet, Wipes – Who Wins?


If you listen to podcasts or have opened your Instagram app in the past year chances are you’ve been marketed a bidet. Bidets are a bowl or receptacle designed to be sat on in order to wash one’s genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus. The bidet isn’t just for after using the restroom but can be used after sexual intercourse to help clean up. It can also be used to wash feet without having to fill up a tub. In addition to these stand-alone bidets that are more common in Europe, there are fixture attachments that can be added to the toilet itself – these are the ones being marketed on social media. These are fixed onto the toilet seat with a nozzle, with a hose connecting the water supply of the toilet to the bidet attachment. They can also attach to the hot water supply line for the sink to allow for warmer water

How do they hold up? When it comes to cleaning your bottom, bidets work in a more effective manner than just regular old TP, preventing iritation from the paper, and not smearing around waste. If you’re prone to rashes or UTIs, using a bidet can also help decrease those occurrences! According to Healthline, they’re good for your health too! 

Cleaning: 5 Stars

Flushability: 5 Stars


  1. NO. JUST DON’T DO IT. We cannot say this enough! ‘Flushable’ wipes may be able to be flushed down the toilet in that they physically can move into the pipe but they don’t break down and will cause clogs which is a huge problem! Ok. With that out of the way – wipes are an effective way to wipe your bum and clean up waste because of their construction. They’re durable so they don’t break down, and often have some moisturizer or other addition that keeps them from irritating your skin.

But they sure don’t flush!

Cleaning: 5 Stars

Flushability: 0 Stars


Toilet Paper

The classic. Tried and true. Toilet paper has been the standard when it comes to bum wiping for years. But how effective is it? It’s cheaper than the other two options, that’s for sure. But the effectiveness wildly varies based on the type of toilet paper in question (the thickness, textures, etc.) as well as your individual technique. When it comes to flushability again it all comes down to your individual practice. A big wad of toilet paper can clog up a pipe quick, but conscious use and regular flushing should avoid most clogs.


Cleaning: Variable

Fluhsability: Variable


You know your own butt best, but if you’re considering a change up, looking at this data upgrading to a bidet might be the next step to take! If you want to get an attachment you can follow the simple instructions and install it yourself, however if you want the whole separate fixture it will need to meet local plumbing code!

If you need help installing a new fixture, clearing a clog, or any other plumbing problems – you know who to call!

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