How to Clean Plumbing Vent

Last time on the Economy Plumbing Services Blog we threw out some quick answers to frequently asked questions, but here’s the thing, not all questions are so easily answered! This time on the blog we are going to walk you through how to clean plumbing vents, how to know if you need to, and why it’s important. If it’s about plumbing vents, this blog should cover it!

How to Clean a Plumbing Vent

How Does a Plumbing Vent Work?

You might not even be aware how a plumbing vent works, so before we go into how to clean one let’s address how they should, ideally, work.

Plumbing vents (sometimes called plumbing vent pipes) are designed to help regulate the air pressure in your plumbing system and remove odors and gas that are common in them. They let fresh air into the system which keeps water flowing smoothly. These vents are located on the roof of your home, they look like pipes sticking vertically straight out of your roof.

The vent pipe is necessary so that the drainage pipes can work correctly. Drainage pipes will carry waste from the home, but if there weren’t vent pipes there wouldn’t be any way for new air to push into the lines. It would create suction that would prevent drainage from flushing/draining correctly.

How to Know if Your Plumbing Vent is Clogged

Is your sink not draining right, but there’s no clog you can find? Does your toilet flush on its own randomly? If you are having troubles that seem to indicate a clog in the sewage lines but there’s no such clog that you can identify, it’s possible that the clog is there just not where you’re looking!  The plumbing vent may be clogged and messing with your plumbing.

What Clogs a Plumbing Vent?

The most common causes of a clogged plumbing vent are:

  • Bird nests
  • Leaves, branches, debris or trash
  • Rodent or bird carcasses
  • Balls

OK, so we know how they work, how you can tell if it’s clogged and what could cause it, it’s time to address…

How to Clean and Unclog Your Plumbing Vent

There’s two paths, you can do it yourself, or call in a professional.

The Do It Yourself

To do the job yourself you’re going to need a ladder, a flashlight, garden hose, someone’s help, and potentially a plumber’s snake to run down the pipe. Climb up on top of your roof and clear any leaves, branches, nests, or other debris that might be built up around the pipe. Then take the flashlight and look down the pipe to see a blockage.  Then get the garden hose, maneuver it into the pipe and have your partner turn it on. This should push the blockage further down the pipe and toward the drain. Should being the key word here.

Call in the Professionals

Not certain it’s a vent issue? Don’t want to climb up on your roof and work? Want to avoid potential injuries (and get the job done quick?) You call in the professionals!

Cleaning a plumbing vent can be easy, but there’s also no reason that you should have to handle it on your own when there are potential challenges and risks. Instead call an experienced plumber out to your home, they can get the clog cleared quick!

If you’re in the Tucson area and you need a plumber, give Economy Plumbing Service a call! No job is too large, no job is too small!

If water goes through it or to it, we do it!

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