Winterizing Your Pipes

Winterizing Your Pipes

Winterizing your pipes is one of the essential pieces of work when you decide to prepare your house for the winter. Winter season requires lots of preparations to get through it quickly and without unexpected expenses. So we at Economy Plumbing Services have compiled the steps and helpful tips for winterizing your pipes.

Winterizing Your Pipes

Wintry colds can push the limits of your water system. It can result in breaks and leaks in the pipes as the water expands when its temperature decreases, especially when it reaches less than thirty degrees. Therefore, when you neglect to winterize your pipes, your water system will be at significant risk, possibly leading to costly efforts. 


When your water pipes are frozen, you cannot use them until they melt. Worse still, this freezing can cause flooding in your home as the icy water will create pressure, which should not be underestimated. Therefore, you must take precautions, as the damage will be significant. Let’s look at the steps and tips to follow while winterizing your pipes.

  1. Make a plan.

Winterizing your pipes requires many steps, so it is easy to skip one of them. Making a plan and preparing a checklist before starting the process will help you organize your necessary tools and work more comfortably. Pay attention to cross out completed steps and the parts of the house as you proceed.

  1. Insulate all the pipes.

The first step in winterizing your pipes is to insulate them because it is essential to prevent any damage caused by frozen water. You can use protective foam for insulating the pipes. It is a simple process you can do easily in a short period of time. As it is not an expensive piece of work either, there is no reason to put off the job. You can find more details on how to insulate your pipes here.

Disconnect All the Pipes.

As the second step, you should stop all the operation of your water pipes from the main valve. Afterward, you should turn off the pump and the water heater. You should also disconnect the exterior hoses, pipes, or sprinkler system. These are necessary because you are supposed to prevent water pressure from floating inside your house. You can get professional help with water heaters at Economy Plumbing Services.

Clean Your Waterspouts.

You can check whether leaves or accumulations are on the gutters and clean them to make your job easier. You should be sure that your gutters are clean, as you will need to let the water drain through them. If the waterspouts are not clean and ready to drain the water, it is highly likely to result in leaks inside the house or ice sticks which will pose another risk around your house. .

Open the Taps

As the next step, you can open the drains and taps by keeping track of which one you open so that you can be sure not to miss one. If you forget one of them, it could lead to a vacuum which prevents the water from getting out of the pipes. Remember that all drains and taps should be open during winter to keep them healthy.

Let Out Excess Air and Water

Now, you should take the excess air out of the pipes and empty the holding tank. You can use an air compressor or vacuum to do it. The water left in the pipes will pose a risk of pressuring them while you do not use them. Therefore, you should let water and air get out of the pipes after disconnecting them by shutting off the main valve. If you want to take extra precautions, you can use antifreeze for the jet pump case. 

Flush the Toilets

This step is necessary because you should be sure that all the tanks and toilet bowls are empty. If you still have water in the tank or the toilet bowls, you can prefer using antifreeze to prevent any freezing, which can be resulted in cracks and leaks, as mentioned above. 

Last Words on Winterizing Your Pipes

Winterizing your pipes before the colder weather arrives is best. However, it involves some steps that can be challenging and require expertise in the field; therefore, you should consider getting professional help to ensure everything is done. As Economy Plumbing Services, we offer many services, from plumbing installation to repiping, and we are here for any questions.