How to Become a Plumber

This last year has been a tough one for many folks, and for some it has changed their career prospects, plans, or dreams. Others are still in high school and beginning to make plans for their future. Whatever the reason you’ve found your way here to the Economy Plumbing Services blog to find out how to become a plumber – and we have answers!

How to Become a Plumber

There are two different paths to becoming a plumber: trade school and apprenticeship. Either one will get you where you want to go (to plumbing) but they each have trade offs and benefits!

Step One – Complete a High School Diploma or A GED

That’s right, you don’t need ‘higher’ education, but you do need to have foundational knowledge of maths and science. Subjects like geometry, algebra, and physics will help immensely with understanding plumbing systems. If you’re able, classes in drafting and blueprints are great too.

Step Two – Trade School or Apprenticeship

This is the biggest step of the journey.  Whether in a trade school or a traditional apprenticeship program this is where you’ll begin to actually learn the ins and outs of plumbing. In some combination of classroom and on the job experience, you’ll learn everything you need to know to work as a plumber from pipes, fittings, flow rate, repipes, and a whole lot more. You’ll learn and start to put into practice the skills you’ll rely on for the rest of your life. For hands on learners, a trade will click.

After two to five years, depending on which route you take, you’ll be able to move on from an apprentice to  becoming a licensed plumber!

Step Three – Licensed and Work!

After you have completed your years of learning and studying it’s time to get licensed by the state! It varies state to state, but most all licenses require the same sorts of things: 2-5 years experience and passing an exam that covers the trade and local codes being the most common.

Arizona has two different types of licenses L-37, or commercial plumbing  and C-37R, residential plumbing. To find out more about how Arizona’s licenses work you can visit the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website.

That’s it! Ok, it might be underselling it but really, in just two years time you could be working as a plumber in a needed trade!

Why Become a Plumber?

The benefits of working as a plumber are many, and they might not be what you realize!

Job Security and Opportunity

There’s always going to be a need for plumbers! And due to the hands on nature of the trade, it’ll never be outsourced or removed. Plumbers and their skills are necessary for our towns, cities, suburbs to operate! 

Licensed plumbers can also find work for a company or strike out on their own and operate their own business!

Work Variety

Don’t want to spend every day stuck behind a desk? We don’t blame you! Plumbers get to get out of the office, all around town visiting different businesses and homes to solve different plumbing puzzles. Every day might not be completely unique, but there’s a lot of variety there! 

No Student Loan Debt

This is a huge one for many people. Plumbers can learn their trade on the job through apprenticing or at affordable trade schools. This means you can complete your education and get right to work with no crippling debt.

Great PaY

Last but certainly not least, good plumbers can earn a comfortable living, whether they’re running their own business or working as a part of another company. There are union benefits, health and life insurance, retirement plans, and more. Trades pay well for those who are talented at them!

Hopefully this blog has laid out everything you were curious about when it comes to how to become a plumber! We love what we do, and if you have the right attitude and skills you will too!

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