How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

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So you need a new garbage disposal. You call out a local plumber, they take a look, and luckily they have the unit you need on the truck! He comes back inside and after about 20 minutes under the sink and they’re out the door.

“Excellent, that’ll be $400 for the repair/replacement.”

“How much does a plumber cost? $400 for 20 minutes?!” you think.

There’s more to it than you realize! This time on the Economy Plumbing Service blog we’re going to look at answering that question and why an experienced, skilled plumber is worth every red cent!

How Much Does a Plumber Cost

Without diving into specific dollar amounts, when you hire a plumber to do a replacement, repair or fix on your home’s plumbing you’re paying for a few things:

  • The parts
  • The labor
  • The experience of the plumber

All three of those are necessary! You can pay for the part, but then who is doing the necessary repairs? Ok, what if you hire a plumber, or somebody off craiglist who has the parts and the time? Sure it’ll come in cheaper but there’s no guarantee the job will be done right. You might end up with a new disposal installed, with pipes and hoses mismatched or the job incomplete, just begging for disaster.

No, the key to all of this is that when you’re hiring a plumber you’re getting all three of those things for one price tag. 

Plumbing, like gas or electric, is a utility for your home that you absolutely don’t want to mess up. An incorrectly installed pipe or fixture can lead to flooding and thousands of dollars worth of damages, and potentially harm to the inhabitants of the home.

So, how much does a plumber cost? Not even half of what they are worth.

If you look at it as a purely numbers game, the money that having a plumbing repair done correctly can save you in the long run as compared to an amateur or DIY job is clear. 

Ready to hire an experienced plumber who can get the job done, get the job done quick, and get the job done right?

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