A Guide to Plumbing Fixtures and Common Problems

Plumbing fixtures play an essential role in the overall plumbing system of a home, providing water to different parts of the house, from showerheads to faucets. Economy Plumbing Services will discuss everything you need to know about plumbing fixtures and their importance in keeping your home safe and functional.

A Guide to Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are essential components of any house’s plumbing system. They enable us to access water, drainage, and other necessary utilities in our homes and businesses. Knowing how to install and maintain plumbing fixtures is integral to being a homeowner or business owner.

First – How To Handle A Significant Plumbing Leak

Before we get into all the specific fixtures, a note on handling leaks! Even though it is less likely to happen, major plumbing leaks require fast and effective actions to minimize the substantial damage they may cause. Therefore, every homeowner must know where the main valve is and how to use it. 


You should locate the main valve before the emergency so you can stop the water from there whenever needed. The main water supply pipe is generally on a basement or the wall closest to the outside road. You should rotate the first valve, which is the main valve, clockwise to stop the water flow.  

Bathroom Plumbing

Bathrooms usually have the first call regarding plumbing problems in houses. Because there is a high concentration of plumbing in bathrooms, as toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs are used very often, issues are expected to arise from time to time. To understand the cause of the problems in bathroom plumbing, you should understand how this plumbing fixture works in the first place. 



Whenever the toilet flush handle is used, the flush valve at the bottom of the water tank gets opened, flushing the toilet, and taking the waste to a large drain pipe. After the water level drops, the fill valve opens to level the water for the next flush. After flushing, the water that remains in the toilet prevents sewer gasses from entering the home.


Problem: The toilet’s flush is clogged or very slow.

Solution: If you cannot clear the blockage with a plunger, it may be caused by a buildup inside the toilet. You may need to use the help of a professional plumber who will use a snake to clear the clog. 

Sinks and Faucets

A defective cartridge or washer, blocked or leaking drain, or broken drain stopper are the most likely troubles in the bathroom sink and faucet. Bathroom sinks and faucets work differently than the other parts of the house. Therefore, they may need a unique approach to solve the problems. 

Problem: The faucet in the bathroom drips. 

Solution: You need to replace the cartridge or the washer to stop the faucet from dripping. You can actually do this easily if the faucet is not too old, as it can break and cause a bigger problem. If this is the case, you need to call a plumber


This part of the bathroom includes hot and cold running water by a faucet behind the shower wall. The valve of this faucet, the drain of the shower, and the enclosure carry the potential for plumbing problems. 

Problem: The shower enclosure is leaking.

Solution: This is one of the most common problems in bathroom plumbing. Leaks can occur where the enclosure meets the floor or through tile grout. You may try caulking to stop the leaks, but it is best if the shower enclosure is rebuilt.

Kitchen Plumbing

The kitchens where we cook, eat and clean up are the most frequently used part of our houses. Therefore, kitchens have a lot to do with plumbing fixtures, as you have faucets, drains, and dishwashers. 

Sinks and faucets

Kitchen sinks and faucets may cause problems, such as dripping or leaks between the water pipes and the faucets. Also, you may encounter a drain blockage or a broken hot water dispenser. 

Problem: The water heater is malfunctioning. 

Solution: The repair of water heaters, used for steaming water for cooking food or making drinks, involves electrical operations as well as plumbing works. Therefore, it is best handled by a professional. 


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