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Our skilled technicians offer both commercial and residential sewer line services. We proudly stand behind our sewer line installation and repair work.

  • Sewer line repairs
  • Cleanouts
  • Installations
  • New sewer connections
  • Repairs for collapsed pipes
  • Repairs and replacements for old cast iron pipes
  • Repairs for cracked pipes

Sewer Pipes

Whether it’s to the city sewer or a septic tank, the pipes that carry waste water are known as sewer pipes.  Every time you wash your hands or use the toilet the used water needs to go somewhere. These pipes are non-pressurized piping for drainage only.  There are several types of sewer piping; cast iron, galvanized, plastic, concrete asbestos(CA), or clay piping. There are also different sizes of piping depending on the amount of potential flow.  Generally, all sinks and showers are 2” pipes and lead to a main piping system that is either 3 or 4 inch pipes.

Sewer Pipe Materials

In older homes that have cast iron sewer pipes, these lines can get build up over the years and need maintenance or even replacement.  Depending on the soil, the cast iron piping can last up to 100 years, in others it might not be so lucky. Cast iron is a metallic pipe that will break down in time at the bottom where the water flows, eventually rusting through.  When cast iron leaks, the likelihood of future leaks is high.

Clay piping was used from the exit point of homes up to the city sewer or septic tank.  These pipes are also non-abrasive on the inside allowing water and matter to travel through easily.  The catch with old clay pipes is they came in 4 feet sections, which means a lot more connections and fittings.  Clay pipes are known for allowing roots to penetrate the sewer because of all the connections along with how the connections were done.  Once the roots have penetrated the clay sewer there is no way to get rid of them completely, without excavation of the sewer. Even if you cut down the tree, grind the stump down to no more, the roots still sense the water and will continue to grow.  When we see clay piping with lots of roots, we recommend replacing it with plastic.

Plastic sewer pipes are absolutely the way to go.  With a slippery inside wall of ABS or DWV-PVC, it allows for water and matter to travel through the pipe easily.  Plastic sewer piping comes in either 20- or 10-foot lengths, reducing the number of pipes and connections needed. These types of plastic sewer pipes are joined together by applying glue, and if done correctly, these glue joints are impossible for roots to penetrate.  There are also approved transitions to go from cast iron, galvanized, CA, or clay piping that makes the installation easier, compared to older times. 

All Inspections Come with “Instant Recorded Seweroscopies”

A recorded DVD for your viewing pleasure showing line location (where the sewer pipes run), any sewer problems, and the depth of the sewer. Don’t buy a home without it! Knowing the condition of your sewer pipes now will save you trouble, and money, down the line.

If you’re a realtor selling a home, getting a sewer video inspection can give you the leverage to negotiate a fair, correct price for the home. No one wants to buy a home with major problems under slab!


Economy Plumbing offer’s instant recorded color DVD camera sewer video inspection and line location.  We have the ability to detect exactly where and what the condition of any sewer system is underground.  In order to do this correctly, the line must be clear. If you have a sewer system to a home or business that you are unable to gain access to, then we are able to shoot the camera for line location purposes.  This may need to be done to either find the clog location or exit point location for excavation. We also shoot our camera to locate where your sewer pipes run so that you can add on to existing plumbing.  

The licensed, bonded, and insured pros of Economy Plumbing Service LLC are authorized and experienced to do sewer repairs on the street, in your home, and under your home. 

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