Why Your Bathtub Is Cogged and How to Fix It

Why Your Bathtub Is Cogged and How to Fix It

When your bathtub is clogged, it can ruin a relaxing night after work. People use their bathtubs to unwind and get clean. A bathtub clog will completely counteract that goal. There are many reasons why your bathtub might be clogged, and there are several resolutions to that problem to go through.

Please continue reading our guide to learn how to unclog your bathtub and why it is clogged in the first place.

Too Much Hair in The Drain 

The number one reason most people have a clogged bathtub is because there’s too much hair in the drain. When you use your bathtub frequently, it’s natural for some hair to fall out during your bath or shower. You might not notice the hair falling out immediately, but it does happen, and all of that hair accumulates in your drain eventually.

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to buy a drain snake and remove the bathtub plug to get in there. You can snake out as much hair as possible, which should solve the problem in most instances. If you clean out your drains regularly, you won’t experience clogged bathtubs very often.

Soap Scum Buildup Causing a Blockage

Sometimes the reason your drain is clogged is because there’s too much soap and buildup inside. You can recognize soap scum inside your drain by taking a flashlight and peeking into the drain. If your drain is covered in chalky residue, you have a soap scum problem.

Fortunately, you can dissolve soap scum with common household cleaning solutions. Chances are that you already have these products on hand. Pour baking soda directly into your drain and chase it with distilled white vinegar. Ensure that there’s no bleach cleaner in your bathtub before you do this procedure.

After you pour the vinegar to chase the baking soda, your sink will bubble up because the chemicals will react together. Don’t worry! This is a safe chemical reaction. Once the bubbles dissolve, follow up with  boiling water to eliminate the soap scum in your drain.

High Mineral Content in Your Water

Many people have hard water, which means a high mineral content can cause a blockage in your drains and clog your bathtub. Some people combat this problem by purchasing a water softener, but once the mineral buildup has already occurred, it’s too late for that method. Fortunately, you can use a cheap at-home solution to minimize the buil-up hard water in your bathtub drain.

Pour distilled white vinegar down your drain and allow  it to sit for at least 20 minutes to combat as much buildup as possible. White vinegar is an excellent tool to dissolve calcium buildup in your bathtub as long as there’s no bleach treatment already present.

Tracking Too Much Dirt into The Tub

If you’re the outdoorsy type, then there’s a chance you’re tracking too much dirt into your bathtub and clogging your drains that way. With all of the hair and water that goes through drains, your bathtub is experiencing enough. Dirt and mud can get caught in pre-existing debris and cause a clog. 

The best way to prevent tracking too much dirt into your bathtub is to hose off your feet outside before you enter the house after swimming or hiking. Beach sand is especially gritty and the most common type of dirt that will get stuck in your drain, while most other dirt will go down with no problem. If you don’t have a hose, you can wipe off your feet with a towel before entering your bathtub.

If it’s too late and you already have too much sand in your drain, you must follow this method to unclog it. You have a drain snake to remove all hair and debris and pour water down it to ensure your pipes are clear. Sand causes clogs by attaching itself to other materials in your bathtub drain. 

Pick a Great Plumber If Home Remedies Fail

If you’ve tried all these methods and are still experiencing a clogged bathtub, you should hire a professional to fix the problem. If home remedies don’t work, you might have something wrong with your plumbing system. Contact us at (520) 214-2149 today to get an estimate on your plumbing needs and answer any concerns you have about your clogged bathtub.