The Importance and Power of Drainage

Drainage. It might sound gross, but it is such a crucial component to a healthy, working plumbing system. If your plumbing doesn’t have adequate drainage, or something goes wrong with it you’ll quickly learn just how crucial it is. This time on the Economy Plumbing Services blog, we’re taking a look at half of your plumbing system and as we Explain the Drain(age)!

The Importance of Drainage

Plumbing systems are made up of two key systems: supply and drainage. Supply brings clean water into your home. Drainage takes away all waste water – broadly speaking this is any water that has gone down a drain. Where those systems meet are the fixtures in your home, your faucets, showerheads, and the like.

While supply lines use water pressure and pumps to move the water, drainage systems rely on gravity to carry away waste. All drainage lines will angle downwards, allowing the pipes to carry the waste along to the sewer lines. Sewer lines use this same downward flow to move the waste water from the home lines all the way to the sewage treatment facility, or to a septic tank.

While that might sound obvious, there’s a lot to drainage that helps everything flow smoothly. And believe us, you really want everything to be flowing smoothly! There are vents, traps, and cleans outs, built into the drainage system that keeps everything moving.


Vents allow fresh air to enter the drainage system. If there wasn’t any air supply from the vents, waste water wouldn’t flow correctly, the water would get stuck in traps and the potential smells that would be filling your house would be no bueno.


Traps are absolutely crucial to a properly operating drainage system. Look under the sink in your kitchen or bathroom and you’ll see a trap. It is the curved or S-shaped section of pipe below the sink. Water will drain from the sink down these pipes with enough force to go through the trap and out into the drain pipe, leaving some water in the trap. This forms a seal preventing gas from the sewer from backing up into your home. This makes them an absolute necessity for every fixture in your home. Thankfully,  toilets have traps built into their structure, so they don’t require one down the drain. There are a few different kinds of traps out there depending on the situation.

Clean Outs

A clean out is a bit less consequential all things considered but it makes things work a whole lot easier! A clean out is basically a plug in the drain that will allow easy access to potential clogs. This helps, well, clean out the drain lines and keep them clear and free.

Now, all of this works with gravity to pull waste water away from your home, into sewer lines, and keep your plumbing, clean, clear, and ready to go.

The Power of Gravity

All of this comes down to working smarter, not harder. While supply lines need pumps and such to move the water to your home, up the walls and to fixtures,, the drainage system is built around making gravity’s job easier. Removing any hurdles and streamlining the process for Mother Nature to do her job and pull everything away from your home. In this case Mother (Nature) does know best!

Drainage is just one component of your plumbing system. And if you’re experiencing any troubles with yours call the experts to properly diagnose and treat the problem. Whether it’s a supply line bringing in rusty water or a drain that just won’t, well, drain, Economy Plumbing Service is here to help!

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