Summer Fun, Plumbing Problems

Summer is fully here! Aside from the intense heat, it also means schools are out, kids are home, and folks are getting up to all the fun activities summer has to offer! Believe or not, summer can cause some plumbing problems for you! So here are some considerations for you from the experts at Economy Plumbing Service LLC!

Summer Fun and the Plumbing Problems to Look For

Outdoor Activities Makes Plumbing Difficulties.

Okay, this one might be a bit of a struggle year-round here in Tucson thanks to our lovely weather!  Whether it’s heading out camping, going hiking, or taking trips to the beach, it’s a safe bet your home is going to have a lot more dirt and dust coming its way.

Washing up post-adventure is what to be aware of here! Your home’s drains weren’t designed with tons of mud, gravel, and grit in mind! Do your best to use a hose outside or knock loose any excess mud etc from your clothes before washing them and you’ll be doing your due diligence to prevent clogs or damaging your pipes.

Garbage Disposal Vigilance 

Your garbage disposal does some heavy-duty defense work for your drains year-round but some summertime favorites are especially difficult for it to handle! Fibrous foods should never go down the disposal as they can jam it something fierce. Doing a lot of grilling? Make sure no bones or fat find their way to your disposal. Bones will blunt and break the machinery inside and fat is a one-way ticket to clogs-ville.

Winter Coats = Summer Clogs 

Some pets shed heavily come the summer as they get rid of their bulkier winter coats. All this excess hair can get into your tub drain or washing machine and clog it up right quick. To avoid that, make sure you brush your pet plenty to get rid of their hair before it covers your clothes and finds its way into the wash. Wash your dog outside if at all possible to prevent any hair from finding it’s way to the drain – you should do this anyways, the amount of dirt and mud a dogs fur can hide is astonishing!

Include Plumbing Preparation in Your Summer Vacation Plans

Hoping to travel this summer? Make sure your home is ready for your extended absence! Check your appliances for any leaks, turn the water heater down to save energy (some even have a vacation setting!). If you’re going to be gone awhile consider turning off the water to your water heater and draining it entirely. 

With all that handled you should be ready to have a great summer! Does your plumbing need a bit of a professional touch before vacation? Already have clogs you need to handle? You give Economy Plumbing Service LLC a call and we’ll get you sorted. No job is too big for us to tackle! 

If water runs through it or to it, we do it!

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