Monsoon Plumbing Troubles

monsoon storm over the desert

Earlier this summer we talked about some of the more common summer plumbing problems that folks are likely to experience – hopefully you’ve been able to avoid all those so far! The trouble with summers, especially here in Arizona, is the heat yes but there’s also another source of adversity – the Monsoon.

Monsoon Problems

HVAC people have all sorts of problems with monsoons, as you can imagine. The high wind and rain can do a number on the HVAC sitting up on top of the roof or along your house but that’s not the only thing to worry about. Your home’s storm drains are also going to take a beating during these storms.

Here are a number of problems you might have to handle after increased rainfall including:


  • Flooding

Heavy rains cause water to accumulate more than usual in lower points and dips throughout your yard, pavement, patio, and driveway. While those places might have reasonable drainage built-in, the odds that they’re designed specifically to withstand the increased amount of water from monsoons is unlikely.  

And we know Tucson doesn’t have the best drainage in general– check an underpass after a bad storm and you’re likely to find a lake!

And so, flooding. Flooding outdoor might be a sign of a few different problems. It could be that your home doesn’t have the requisite drainage. It could be that the drains you do have are filled with debris and not performing like they should – a definite possibility.

When this kind of flooding occurs it can devastated the structural stability of your yard, patio, etc so if you haven’t experienced this kind of flooding do your best to prevent it from occurring in the first place!


  • Clogged / Blocked Drains

We touched on this briefly in the last point, but it deserves it’s own because it this problem won’t always lead to flooding but it’s still a problem of its own. With the heavy monsoon rains come heavy wind and those can do a number on the bushes, trees, shrubs and other landscaping. Guess where those end up? Yep in the drains. These can create some pretty hefty clogs which will cause problems even after the storm clouds finish rolling out.


  • Sewage Backing Up

Now here is the absolute least fun thing that could possibly occur –  a sewage backup.

Depending on where you are and the type of water system you’re city has set up, heavy rainfall can also cause some back ups in your drains in your home! When the municipal water system gets filled with excess water it can cause the drains, sinks, and yes toilets to back fill full of water.


Now, what happens when those clogs linger…


  • Pipes Bursting

Turn on the faucet. Notice anything off about the water? Is it slightly colored? Is there a smell? Does it taste… off? Any of these are an indication that there is a cracked or broken pipe somewhere in your plumbing. When that rainwater floods and sits with nowhere to go, it puts more and more pressure on the pipes. If those pipes are older, or already damaged, well that’s a recipe for breakage! And just like that, the freshwater that goes into your house can be tainted.

Want to avoid these troubles? Get your drains looked at before the storms hit. While it might be too late for that this year, it doesn’t hurt to get a jump on it right after to check for damages and be ready for the next one!

If Water Runs Through it Or To It, We Do It!

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